These are the stories of 5 lost space travelers, on a mission to find their way back home. To once again be reunited with their own world and the family and friends that they so dearly miss. Along the way they are charting unknown moons, planets, stars and galaxies. Join us in helping them find the way... Space-5!

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Welcome to SPACE-5! We are glad you came here to read the stories (Chapters and Episodes). Whether you are 4 years old on your parent's lap, an 8 year old in computer lab at school or a 44 year old that likes to giggle at clean jokes and still wish you grew up to be an astronaut, we are glad you checked us out and want you to keep coming back! It is just starting so there may be some bugs to work out along the way (or maybe even some bugs working out? Need to write that down... alien bugs doing hot yoga). Hopefully you will be here for all of the SPACE-5 adventures. More importantly, you will be a part of the journey! Give us feedback, share your artwork, give story ideas, or just tell us if we made a misstake that kneads too b fixxed. The more you participate, the more it will inspire better stories. So put it up there... give us a SPACE-5. Not a HIGH-5. We said SPACE-5. Whooaps, too slow. Kidding, ok for real this time. Give us a SPACE-5.

SPACE-5 Tips

A couple things to help you find your way around.

First thing is to Like and Follow us on Facebook, or ask mom or dad to. That is where we will let you know about updates to new chapters and episodes as well as post some other fun things to check out. Facebook is also the best place to send us a message or artwork for us to put up. We will have a P.O. Box down the road for regular mail deliveries, but not quite yet.

If you are visiting SPACE-5 for the first time make sure to look around. We have a lot of other nifty things to check out besides just the story. There are a lot of details now and tons more that will be added as the SPACE-5 universe(s) is created. Make sure to click on everything to see what it is. If you can't click it, it isn't ready just yet.


This is the area where all SPACE-5 characters have brief bios about who/what they are. When more characters get added we will add more to the right side of the home page. More details will also be added to our existing characters as more stories are published. It is a good way to get started, but watch out for the SPOILER ALERT banner above a character, it might tell you too much about a story you didn't read yet.

Navigating Comics

For now, after you finish an episode, you will need to scroll back to the top of the comic and hit next or previous to go forward or back in the story. Soon the comics will be clickable to go forward though, just not yet. We are trying to have at least one new episode each week, but we are busy guys so it doesn't always happen or sometimes we will have a few. Always a work in progress with changes and updates. Heck, we already made a bunch of changes from reader feedback we received. We're good listeners.

Team Logs

This is the area where any SPACE-5 characters logged into the main ship computer update their log during episodes. If they didn't go out on a mission, this is where they tell their side of the story. Each chapter will have its own set of Team Log entries. This is a great way to learn more and find clues for upcoming Chapters.

Coloring Pages

Download the printable PDF of any or all of the coloring pages. More will be coming as new SPACE-5 characters appear. We will also be adding some fun puzzles down the road. Ask mom or dad to share your pictures with us on Facebook

Ship Layout/Suit Schematics

Details about how the actual SPACE-5 (it is actually the name of the space shuttle) works! The SPACE-5 suits is about HOW they work, not WHAT they do. WHAT they do will be learned in the Episodes to come.